Standard Golf Guidelines for Left-Handers

While left-handed golfers, or “lefties”, are quite rare, they do exist. And some of them have already made their name as one of the leading pros in the sport.

Thus, it’s still possible for a lefty to be successful in the world of golf. All it needs to achieve it is proper guidance, and lots of practice.

Practice Proper Left-Handed Grip

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One of the main issues that left-handed golfers have is their weak grip. This can be a big issue when you swing your club, and more than often results in a slice. To prevent this, always practice gripping the club properly and placing the grip across the left palm around the index finger’s base and slightly above the pinky. Make sure that you keep it balanced, as holding the grip entirely with your fingers will cause you to swing too fast, while gripping entirely on the palm will cause you to swing more slowly.

Don’t Attempt to Convert to a Righty

Due to the shortage of proper golf clubs for lefties, some people are forced to adjust and play the sport as a righty. While a few people find success in adjusting their swings to fit a right-hander, some simply fail in this aspect because they’re simply not used to it. To this end, if you’re not comfortable in the adjustment period, then don’t ever attempt to convert yourself into a righty just for the sake of the sport. Instead, develop your strengths and simply find the proper golf equipment that suits a lefty. While limited, brands like Taylormade golf do offer a selection designed for lefties, so find the proper equipment for you may have some extra legwork involved, but is certainly not impossible.

Get The Proper Lefty Equipment

As stated earlier, golf clubs designed for lefties are uncommon, but do exist, and some are made by well-known manufacturers like Taylormade golf. However, if you can’t find a proper set that’s suitable for you, then don’t hesitate to ask your local pro shop to get a customized set of clubs that’s perfect for you. This not only gives you the benefit that your club sets are made for a lefty, but also ensures that they’re of proper length, adjusted to your natural body height, so that you’ll feel more comfortable when swinging. Manufacturers like Taylormade golf also offer this kind of made-to-order service, though they may be a bit expensive compared to pre-made ones.

Club Difference: Lefties vs. Righties

The only difference between clubs designed for left-handed and right-handed golfers is in the club heads. Which means, in the case of customized golf clubs (again, manufacturers like Taylormade golf offer this), you can simply find any club shaft and a grip, and just attach the proper head to it to create a club suitable for either a lefty or a righty.

The sole exception is putters, because the shafts they come with are specifically designed for either a left-handed or a right-handed golfer. So keep this in mind when you’re choosing the proper putter for a lefty like you.

Getting Proper Left-Handed Training

Another difficulty that left-handed golfers may encounter is finding the proper instruction. While there are plenty of instructional resources and aids out there, most of them are based on the idea that the golfer is right-handed, which can create some confusion for lefties.

There are two possible workarounds to this problem.

The first is to simply reverse some points in the instructional aid and adjust it to fit a left-handed person like yourself. This might take some practice and understand, but once you’re successful, you’ll be able to improve your skills by being able to apply just about any golf technique to yourself, regardless of being a lefty.


The other method simply involves finding an instructor who’s also a lefty like yourself. They’re quite rare, though, so to make it easier, simply consult your local pro shop so that they can aid you into finding a left-handed instructor for you.