Funeral Homes Knoxville Tennessee – Simple Funeral Dos and Don’ts

Have you ever been to a funeral? What have you observed? Are there people laughing out loud? Are there anyone wearing halter tops and shorts? Are there people running around or playing games inside the funeral parlour, or the house where the funeral is going on? All of the answers should be no.

Going to a funeral is a way of showing respect to the dead. But it does not end there. It does not end in a simple ‘My condolences’ or ‘I’m sorry for your loss’. Proper behaviour should be displayed while in a funeral. It is quite odd that some funeral homes Knoxville, Tennessee has, provide funeral etiquettes that should be practiced and be taught to children. Nevertheless, it is just appropriate to inform their customers about it because attending a funeral is a sensitive matter.

Funeral Homes Knoxville, Tennessee – Simple Funeral Protocols:

1.    Know the dress code. The trend nowadays is that you can wear anything, but in some cases you just can’t. When you are going to attend a funeral, wear something that you would wear in church, rather than in malls or picnics. The deceased or the family sometimes wishes the guests not to wear black or vice versa. Just be reminded that whatever the dress code is, it is best to comply as it shows respect and sympathy with the family.


2.     Bring something. It does not matter what you give. What matters is that you remembered them. You may give fruits, homemade food, or financial donation. Though flowers are already being provided by funeral homes, Knoxville, Tennessee people can still bring flowers for their dead friend or loved one. Just be sure to include a note or a card so they would know from whom it came from.

3.    Sign in the register or guest book. It is a must to sign in that register book because filling the register helps the family be at ease that their deceased loved one had a good life and that he shared it with the people who signed in the register. Make sure to include your relationship with the deceased as well as your contact details in case the family would want to contact you.

4.    Put your cell phone into silent mode and do not use it while the service is going on. It is very rude to use your cell phone while the minister is reading a passage in the Bible or while a family member is giving tribute to the dead. It is also rude that the service is being interrupted by cell phone rings or alarms. Keep in mind that funeral services are solemn events.

5.    Keep on checking them out. The grieving process does not end in the funeral, so it is only proper to stay in touch with them. It may depend on your relationship with the deceased but even though you are only colleagues, it is still nice to check them out from time to time. That way they would feel less depressed, knowing that somehow, someone cares about their loss.

Funeral Homes Knoxville, Tennessee – Simple Don’ts:

1.    Do not say anything you are not sure of. The best way to keep away from embarrassment is to just stay silent, or think about the word carefully before speaking.

2.    Do not let go of your child. Keep your child close to you at all times. Once you let him go, it will be hard for you to keep him behave which results to unwanted disturbance during funerals.

3.    Do not talk so loud. Funerals are ought to be respected by staying calm and composed. Talking too loud may disturb others who are seriously mourning the dead.